Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people *…

… said, in 2000, Rob Schneier, one of the renowned international experts in cyber security. And I, so far, have never encountered a theory or a scenario that contradicted him. The human factor remains one of the major risks considering the protection of information systems. And social engineering is one of the oldest and most effective hacking methods.

Mariana P

CISO Nozomiro

* “Amateurs exploit computer systems, professionals exploit people”-Rob Schneier (Schneier on Security)

It’s the moment to act and take care of people’s security, and not only for company. People are those that companies rely on and are always under the pressure of the cyber space. With computer educated and trained people a society is much stronger. And companies will only have only benefits from it and should be actively involved in the full training of employees, for threats that can come and affect privacy

Mike Stuart

Head of Business Intelligence, Nozomiro