NozomiRo is a new company on the cyber security market in Romania. Our services focus on personal security in the online environment. Thus, NozomiRo is addressed to individuals and not to companies, our services aiming at the protection, at the cyber level, of the individual.
We offer advice to those in leadership positions, politicians, celebrities and public figures who need increased security in order to protect their reputation and public image exposed in the online environment.
We conduct risk assessment sessions, exposure to threats from the digital environment but also fingerprint information, training programs, research and consulting for securing and protecting digital accounts.
Our clients benefit from complete confidentiality and a non-disclosure agreement of the requests made to our company.

Personalized training
Both team members and company employees are accredited trainers in adult training and education. In order to benefit from the full attention of the team, the meetings are individual.

Information security
We are specialists and collaborate with experts working in the field of cyber security. Thus, we offer a very rare product in Romania, the security audit aimed at social engineering.

Online investigations / research
The team members are among the best specialists in Romania, with experience in searching for data and information. We use specific tools to have complex results on the fingerprint (passive or active).

Specialized legal advice
We work with several law firms so that our clients receive the necessary support when the situation requires it.