Microsoft Romania:

Anti-Malware Technologies in Windows Vista
PSS Component In-Depth Series – CAPI-2 & Certificate Troubleshooting in Vista & Longhorn
Practical Active Directory Delegation
Supporting Windows Operating Systems: Directory Services
Windows Operating Systems: Basics
CSI – Protecting our Platform
Infosecurity Virtual Classroom – Security Health Check (SECHC) V3 – An Overview
Office 2007 Deployment – Why, When and How
Security Strategy
Software + Services
SQL Server 2008
Supporting Customers with SDC 2.6
Supporting Windows Server 2008 for Directory Services
Customer and Partner Experience
Integrated Virtualization
Microsoft Optimization Strategy
Office 2007 InfoPath Troubleshooting
Microsoft Security 101
Office 2010 Setup and Deployment for Support Engineers
Security in Office 2010
XML in Microsoft Products
Introduction to Quality Monitoring for Support Engineers and Group Managers
InfoPath 2003 New to Product
Solution Delivered First Contact

Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Security in the Enterprise
Security Fundamentals
How to Avoid Golden Ticket Attacks
C# Fundamentals
Programming in C# Jump Start

Independent Coursework:

The Microsoft Information Protection Strategy across EMS, Office 365, and Windows
Modernize Your IT Management Experience
Software Testing Fundamentals
XAML Deep Dive for Windows & Windows Phone Apps Jump Start
Developer Productivity: What’s New in C# 6
COURSERA – International Cyber Conflicts – The State University of New York
COURSERA – Securing Digital Democracy – University of Michigan
COURSERA – Code Yourself! – The University of Edinburgh & Universidad ORT
COURSERA – Agile Planning for Software Products – University of Alberta
COURSERA – Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains – University System of Georgia
COURSERA – Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies – University of Washington
COURSERA – Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) – University of Michigan
COURSERA – Information Security and Risk Management in Context – University of Washington
COURSERA – Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (1) – RICE University