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Provocarea de 5 zile

Accepți provocarea? O companie își propune să instruiască mai multe persoane timp de 5 zile. Campania ”De la începător la profesionist în securitate Windows” începe pe 8 mai 2017. Succes!


When you know several languages is very easy to be anti social. Trolling in real life is very easy if one of the languages is kinda exotic.

/me bored and weather sensitive

I’ve seen many times ppl asking to “secure ALL data” when asking about what information they need to protect. Please, don’t do that. You are not smart nor intelligent and not even funny. That is not about protection as what you ask is mass surveillance.

Reading this article just realised that all my “old” friends are (almost) CISO/Security Consultants/CISSPs and all the new ones are thriving to be CEH’s. Hacker Manifesto – 30 Years Later

/me laughing loud rolling on the floor

Biggest challenge for a social engineer? After employment, you now exactly who’s screwing who. Until you reach your desk first day of work, you already know the unofficial hierarchy in the enterprise. #artofhumanhacking

O parte din melodiile din playlist-ul personal vor fi adăugate în listă.

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